Ready-made standard modular buildings of up to 76 m² starting from 1 100 000 rubles!Production — 1 day, assembly — 12 hours!
Ready-made standard modular buildings of up to 76 m² starting from 1 100 000 rubles!Production — 1 day, assembly — 12 hours!
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Expert on complex solutions in prefabricated construction
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+7 923-700-42-00
Precisely in time we build modular buildings of factory quality within your budget
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The team of the Group of Companies
"Avista Module Engineering"
We are proud of the "Avista Module Engineering". The professionalism of our specialists allows us to grow and create unique products.
The founder and owner of the Group of Companies "Avista Module Engineering"
Kulubekov Vadim Ravilyevich
Graduate of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science of the NSTU. Began engaging in entrepreneurship from 15 years of age, and started the production business at the age of 21 with the starting capital of 100 thousand rubles. The last 10 years has been successfully developing the company and expanding its capabilities.

Twice the best young entrepreneur of Russia in 2012 and 2013.
"If you did not have a chance, then you simply did not use it"
2012 - The best young entrepreneur of the regional stage "You are an entrepreneur"
2012 - The Best Young Entrepreneur of Russia according to the Association of Young Entrepreneurs
2013 - The Best Young Entrepreneur of Russia according to Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA)
2013 - Finalist of the international competition of young entrepreneurs Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) among 25 countries in the city of Washington (USA)
2015 - Finalist of the All-Russian Entrepreneurship Contest Ernst & Young in the nomination "Production".

Executive Director
Skorodumov Evgeny Yurievich
"Do not say how you worked. Show what you have done."
Evgeny Yurievich started his occupation in the company on April 7, 2011 as a rental manager. In a year, due to histenacity of purpose, he increased the rental park by almost 400% from 24 to 97 modules, and that only in Novosibirsk. A branch was opened to lease and sell modules from scratch in Moscow.
In 2013, Yevgeny Yuryevich was transferred to the post of production director.

The indicator of June 2015 - 107 number of modules produced per month.

The indicator February 2016 - 186 number of modules produced per month.

Since February 2016, Yevgeny Yurievich has been the executive director of the "Avista Module Engineering " GC.

Commercial Director
Telezhin Yury Anatolievich
"Whoever does not go forward, goes back!"
Bornin sunny Kazakhstan, has a higher economic education. For more than 7 years he held a leading position in a production enterprise. Started working with Avista in 2013, from the first days he gained the authority and respect of his colleagues. Always confident of victory. Has a sparkling sense of humor, likes to travel by car, prefers active leisure.
Tseleva Maria
Head of the construction department
"You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world. But if you do not conquer the hearts and minds of people who work with you, none of it will come to life "

She joined the company in 2015 as a human resources specialist, at the beginning of 2016 she was transferred to the position of human resources manager, since January 2017 she has been the head of the construction department
Natalia Golubchenko
Chief Accountant
"One act impresses more than a thousand words"

Has been working for the company since September 13, 2016 and has extensive experience in her arsenal. Does her best to achieve the goal.
Mikhail Karmanov
Director for # nbsp; Construction
"Quality # nbsp; is to do something right, even when no one is watching."

Works as a # nbsp; company with # nbsp; January 2018. 22 years of experience in # nbsp; the field of monolithic and # nbsp; frame housing in Yakutia and # nbsp; conditions of the Far North is fully suitable for the construction of our modular buildings. Actively participates in the # nbsp; implementation of objects in # nbsp; Chukotka, Kamchatka, in # nbsp; Amur and # nbsp; Tyumen region, at # nbsp; Kuzbass.
Borovik Sergey
Production Director
"If done properly, then for ages!"

On October 1, 2014 Sergei Valeryevich came to the company as the head of the welding and procurement department, after 3 months he became acting chief of production and soon - production director. During this time, the volume of production has increased 5-fold, in connection with which the production areas have increased, the quality of products has been constantly improved, a new product of the economy class StartBox emerged and the 7th version of the main product "Husky" has come into being, in which the assembly technology has been improved.
Abroskin Dmitry
Director of quality control
"Quality is to do something right, even when no one is watching"

Since November 1, 2016 Dmitry Vladimirovich holds the post of Director ofquality controland heads the qualification department. This wonderful employee went through a great and very fruitful path in our company. He was accepted to "Avista Module Engineering"in 08/20/2013 as a leading PTD engineer and, over the years, has accumulated a number of achievements, thus laying a very large foundation for the future position.
Murashova Alexandra
Head of construction and installation works
"In each person lies the wise power of the builder, and it is necessary for it to develop and flourish"

Joined thecompany not so long ago in February 2017 as project manager. From the first days proved herself as a competent specialist. She always has everything under control. Since 06/20/2017she was transferred to the position of chief of construction and installation works.
Azarova Maria
Head of Supply Department
"There are no things that cannot be obtained, there are things that you do not want too much"

In the team since 2014, but has already established herself as a reliable and dedicated employee. She is a very purposeful, dynamic and active young woman. Provides uninterrupted supply of high-quality materials to the factoryon time.
Soknyshev Sergey
Chief Designer
"Never do anything as if you are an amateur"

Thoroughly approaches to the solution of any problem. Does not recognize difficulties and undertakes the most impossible tasks. He has a strong character, self-control and ability to achieve his goal. Knows everything about prefabricated buildings.
Kirillov Alexey
Leading Development Engineer
"The success of any business consists of small things"

The initiative, responsibility and attention to detail inherent in this person allowed him to become one of the key specialists of "Avista Module". Calm and rational. Always has a few dozen constructive suggestions in stock.
Ten Yana
Lead Architect
"Why does a ship win over waves, although there are many of those, and the ship is alone? Because the ship has a purpose and the waves do not"

Has been working in the company since 2013. Very creative, positive, able to bring her ideas to the end, and implement them in life. The special merit of Yana is in her personal design of the "Avista Module Engineering " GC's innovative product - modular hotel "The Arc".

Punkaev Andrey
Head of Assembly Section
"To reach the goal, you must first proceed"

He has been working for the company since February 2011. During this time he has shown his worth as a responsible, positive and reliable employee.
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